Abbreviations Helpful when reading about Taiwan Adoption

On some of the forums or groups you may join, exists a Taiwan adoption-specific lingo.  This little "cheat sheet" will certainly improve your learning curve!

SLC: St. Lucy Center, an orphanage in Taiwan
CY: (sometimes used) abbrev. for Chung Yi, an orphanage in taiwan
FFC: Families for Children, a U.S. agency based out of Utah that's Taiwan division is now named For Every Child
FEC: For Every Child, a U.S. based agency formerly referred to as Families for Children
JOH: Journeys of the Heart, a US agency
HAI: Heartsent Adoption, Inc., a US based agency
hs: often used for homestudy
sw: social worker
bm: birthmother
NT$: New Taiwan Dollar
PAP: prospective adoptive parent
AP: adoptive parent
AIT: American Institute in Taiwan (like a consulate)
CSS: Christian Salvation Service
CAI: Commonwealth Adoptions International
TWCA: Taiwan Women's and Children's Association
TECO: Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office, regional offices that handle Taiwan affairs here in the US, like an embassy or consulate.  Upon accepting a referral, you'll send paperwork here for authentication.